Avira Online Essentials manages Avira products across devices

Avira Online Essentials manages Avira products across devices

Avira has unveiled its long rumored web dashboard service, Avira Online Essentials. Originally code named “MyAvira,” the service allows users to control all installations of Avira products across different devices. Since Avira products are available on computers, tablets, and phones, Avira Online Essentials will be able to manage Avira products across all of these devices.

“Every device and operating system requires a certain set of security applications in order for our users to be safe. Managing and ensuring their security is up to date is a challenge most users have,” says Travis Witteveen, CEO of Avira.

Avira Online Essentials will ship with every Avira product download and will treat security products as individual services that can be toggled on or off. Still, most users want to install an antivirus product and forget about it so it’ll be interesting to see if users will actually use Avira Online Essentials. System administrators and parents who want to make sure their family is adequately protected will find Avira Online Essentials useful.

Avira Online Essentials is available today in English and German with other languages rolling out “over the next few months.” You can try out Avira Online Essentials at the source link below.

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