Google Play Movies and TV arrives on iOS

Google Play Movies and TV arrives on iOS

Google Play Movies & TV finally arrives on iOS today. Google’s other services like Google Play Books and Google Play Music have already found themselves on Apple’s operating system. The addition of Google Play Movies & TV brings Google’s enormous library of video content to iOS users but with a huge caveat: you cannot purchase any content within the app. Instead, users will have to purchase movies and TV shows on the web first and then play them within the app. This is because competing content services like Google Play Movies & TV aren’t allowed under Apple’s App Store policies.

As with other Google apps on iOS, Google Play Movies & TV supports the company’s Chromecast streaming media device. If you want to play back media in high definition, you’ll have to have a Chromecast as the iOS app only support standard definition playback.

Google Play Movies & TV also lacks offline playback for when you don’t have access to an internet connection to stream. It’s hard to imagine Google isn’t working on this feature as Amazon’s Instant Video app for iOS allows users to download purchased movies to watch later.

Google Play Movies & TV is now available to download in the App Store.

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