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Virtual Assistants are gaining more valuable skills every day. From turning the lights on and making our coffee in the morning to making our kids’ story time more magical they are continuously finding new and whimsical ways of impressing us humans. New research, however, has discovered that AI assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant could help us solve some very real and very serious problems.

Google Home and Alexa can predict if a couple is struggling and even interrupt arguments

According to a study by the Imperial College Business School, virtual assistants will soon be able to make predictions on whether a relationship or marriage is going to be a success. Worryingly, the researchers behind the study believe that in as little as two years your Google Assistant will have a 75% chance of successfully predicting whether your marriage will be a success or not. Will you have the balls to say, “Hey Google, is my marriage going to succeed?” It is not all scary news though.

The study has found that the always-listening devices will analyze the acoustics of all the verbal exchanges between the couple, ranging from normal conversations to arguments. Over time, it would be able to differentiate between the different types of exchange and even step in should a heated argument be taking place. The researchers believe that these meditations would be an excellent time to offer advice and something they are calling “democratizing counseling.”

This could be particularly good news for women in heterosexual relationships. The study referenced research that shows men tend to analyze issues more and deal with them in a direct and factual way. ‘Report talk,’ as it is referred to by the study, works well in everyday life but doesn’t help to build healthy or stable relationships.

According to Aparna Sasidharan from Imperial College Business School, “AI can pick up missed cues and suggest nudges to bridge the gap in emotional intelligence and communication styles. It can identify optimal ways to discuss common problems and alleviate common misunderstandings based on these different priorities and ways of viewing the world. We could be looking at a different gender dynamics in a decade.” As an independent algorithm, your AI assistant would be able to offer objective mediation when both of are you are convinced you are right.

As well as looking at how always listening AI powered devices could mediate in ongoing relationships, the research also looked into how AI could help people who are looking for love and still haven’t found it. The research predicts AI going through users’ psychological data, taken from wearable technology and genetic code. This will then be used to predict sexual chemistry among users. The research says that match-making will be carried out in the romantic surroundings of computer labs.

AI looks like it will become more and more entwined in our romantic lives. This news could easily fall on both sides of the spectrum. You could either be happy to hear that we’re going to get much-needed help in the affairs of the heart or disturbed that science seems set to start squeezing the magic out of love. We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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