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For the computing cooks among us, sometimes you might find you get dinner cooking, then lose track of time on the web and end up with a ruined meal. Cook Timer is a totally free and open source application that will help, and you can run in windows without installation.

There are more complex timers and productivity applications around, but if you just need one timer, without complications, Cook Timer is perfect. There are 3, 5, 10 and 15 minute presets, and you can also set a custom countdown. When it reaches zero, an alarm sounds.

This is a very basic program, you can't change the alarm sound and there are absolutely no options, but as a simple timer, it's effective. The alarm sound is clear, and the application sits out of the way in the system tray when minimized.

The lack of options makes Cook Timer pretty limited, but as an alarm it is functional and clear

Cook Timer


Cook Timer 0.9.1

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