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Create and convert PDF files in the blink of an eye


  • Very quick PDF conversion
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Also converts to .DOC, .JPEG, .TIFF and .PNG


  • Confusing to learn how to use

Very good

eXPert PDF is a tool that converts text documents into PDF files quickly and effectively.

In this age where document compatibility is an absolute must for just about anything from turning in homework assignments to sending out your resume, it's important to be able to convert your documents into a format that's as uniform as possible across platforms. Like programs such as PrimoPDF and PDFCreator, eXPert PDF can certainly help you out in that regard.

eXPert PDF actually comes bundled with two products: eXPert PDF Creator and eXPert PDF Editor. The names are pretty self-explanatory, but there are some added perks that go a bit above and beyond what each title suggests. eXPert PDF's Editor is particularly impressive. Not only does it allow you to select specific text blocks within the document itself for further editing, it also lets you change design aspects of the document like the font face and size. In addition, you can even add a sticky note of a variety of different colors and highlight specific sections of the document.

On top of this, eXPert PDF also lets you convert a PDF to Microsoft Word .DOC format, or even make it into an image in .JPEG, .TIFF and .PNG formats. You can never have enough conversion options, and eXPert PDF's got some great ones to choose from. The only nitpick would be that the program's a little confusing to figure out your first time. Once you get going though, the conversion and editing process is really quite simple. It's important to note that all converted PDFs in the trial version of this program come watermarked, however.

eXPert PDF is an effective converter tool for all of your word processing conversion needs.

eXPert PDF is a printer driver for Windows, allowing you to can create PDF documents that can be published on web sites, emailed or archived. The program makes it simple to convert any document into a high quality PDF file. Converting an Excel sheet or a Word document into a secured PDF file is also pretty quick.

Enhanced features enable you to send your generated files by email, and reinforce your documents' security and authenticity. eXPert PDF also supports advanced editing of PDF documents, meaning you can modify any PDF document without the use of any other third party applications.

eXPert PDF


eXPert PDF Pro

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