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HMA! Pro VPN help and info

  • What is HMA Pro VPN?

    Otherwise known as "Hide My Ass", this virtual private network is one of the most well-known servers on the market. You can use this service to browse the Internet without having to worry about compromising your IP address or your personal information.

  • How does HMA Pro VPN protect my identity?

    A virtual private network employs a series of proxy connections located in many different countries around the world. By routing your IP address through these servers, you are essentially anonymous. This also enables you to access materials that may be restricted in other locations.

  • Can I use HMA Pro VPN legally?

    Virtual private network servers are completely legal to use. It is your responsibility to make certain that you are not violating any laws within your specific country. Therefore, be sure to research the legality of any materials before they are downloaded to your operating system.

  • What languages are currently supported by HMA Pro VPN?

    This program is truly universal in terms of the number of supported languages. You can switch back and forth between English, German, Italian, French, Turkish and Spanish. These are all found within the settings section.

  • How many countries does HMA Pro VPN work with?

    This virtual private network hosts servers located in well over 190 countries around the world. You will therefore be able to pick and choose a location which is best suited for your needs. It is also much more likely that free connections are available during times of high Internet traffic.

  • How much memory will HMA Pro VPN require during the installation process?

    You will need to have 7.51 megabytes of free memory space before this software can be installed. This is a relatively lightweight package and it should not affect the performance of most operating systems.

  • What type of encryption does HMA Pro VPN use?

    This bundle employs both OpenVPN and Blowfish security protocols. These are extremely secure and each offers 128-bit encryption technology. You can therefore remain confident that your IP address and personal details will remain safe at all times.

  • How many IP addresses does HMA Pro VPN make available?

    There are currently more than 120,000 available IP addresses offered by HMA. Assuming that this network continues to expand, more should be made available in the near future.

  • How do I connect to an network using HMA Pro VPN?

    The connection process is simple and streamlined. You will first need to log into your account by providing a valid username and password. Then, you are presented with a number of available VPN servers. Click on the appropriate option and you will be connected within a timely fashion (normally taking no longer than a few seconds).

  • Is HMA Pro VPN free to use?

    Please note that you will have to choose from one of three different subscription plans in order to access their services. These include single-month options, six-month plans and a yearly subscription. It is also important to mention that HMA does not offer any type of trial period.