Myspace 3.6.3

Facebook, Twitter and Myspace all in one place


  • Integrates Twitter and Facebook
  • Attractive stream interface


  • Slow and unstable
  • No music
  • Discover stream isn't personalised

Not bad

It may not be the coolest social network any more, but Myspace is still here and vying for your attention.

This iPhone app, like the web app, concedes that you probably use Facebook and Twitter and allows you to sign in with those accounts, as well as Myspace.

The home screen is a portal to Myspace's various tools. The stream gives you either a traditional news wall, made of updates from Myspace, Twitter and Facebook, or you can use the Grid view. Grid is split into three parts, your live stream, Artists on Myspace and Discover.

The Artists stream takes your iPhone library, and gives you news on your favorite stars, while Discover sends you updates on movies, celebs and more. Discover seems to be unpersonalized, and just a stream of celebrity marketing. You can also use 'super post' to update your status across the three social networks, use Myspace chat, read your mail and more.

The Myspace app is a pretty confused thing. It doesn't take advantage of the network's great music and video at all, can be slow and a little unstable. You cannot delete or edit posts you make, and both Facebook and Twitter are better served by their own apps.

If you're a Myspace fan, you'll like this app. However, it doesn't stand up well as a social media app when compared to the competition.



Myspace 3.6.3

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