Need for Speed Undercover

Need for Speed Undercover 1.2.0

Infiltrate the high speed world of street racing

Need For Speed Undercover is a high-octane racing game for iOS devices.

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  • Impressive, fast moving graphics
  • Interesting control system
  • Lots of race types


  • Sensitive controls

Very good

Need For Speed Undercover is a high-octane racing game for iOS devices.

What's under the hood?

Featuring an impressive 20-car, 24-mission line up, with cinematic sequences and flashy graphics, Need for Speed Undercover is a game that will keep you glued to your steering wheel - which is, in this case, your mobile device - for hours.

Your challenge is to infiltrate the shady world of street racing, and get to the top. The races are split over different courses and areas of a city, and with different eight race types, from straight races to battles and cop takeouts. You can customize your ride, as is normal in the series. If you don't like the metal soundtrack, you can always use your iTunes library as your car radio!

Controlling your ride

The controls in Need for Speed Undercover are interesting. Acceleration is automatic, leaving you to steer, brake and boost if you can. The controls are fairly solid, but the tilt steering takes some getting used to, as it's very sensitive, an the camera angle actually leans as you turn. That's not very smooth and it's quite disorienting. Not good at 200MPH!

Bringing dream machines to life

Need for Speed Undercover looks good, with impressive arcade like graphics, and some neat touches. There are plenty of real life cars in the game, all rendered very well to look like the real thing, such as the Porsche Carrera GT.

The verdict

If you can manage the sensitive steering, there's a lot to do in Need For Speed Undercover, and it's impressive to watch.

Need for Speed Undercover


Need for Speed Undercover 1.2.0

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