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Vimeo is a video viewing and uploading app that accesses the popular online site.

Vimeo on Android is a best-of Vimeo app. The app allows you to view the huge library of videos from a variety of users with an intelligent search. Quality of these videos varies with both low and high quality videos present. The older videos are mainly lower quality. High quality videos are impressive because they have great video quality and sound.

The other side of Vimeo is the video uploader. With a Vimeo account, you can record and upload videos quickly. Quality depends on the device that video is recorded on. The uploader is simple and does not contain a lot of options so it is mainly a point-and-shoot scenario.

Vimeo’s uploader contains the ability to add tags, privacy, and credits along with sharing on social networks. It appears that the utility is good for simple videos.

The app is still early in development and there are lingering issues, like videos not being accessible or loading errors. Overall, Vimeo on Android is a solid video viewing and sharing app.

Vimeo has started well, but needs to fix some loading issues.

fix for the "unparseable date" error


  • fix for the "unparseable date" error


Vimeo 1.1.42

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